December 6, 2017

About Fixley

Fixely was created to solve multiple problems within the Property Maintenance industries.
We are mitigating the headache and easing the process of not only finding and utilizing quality vendors but keeping every vendor on task an on time and making sure the work is completed properly.
At Fixley we strive everyday to provide a better service that is streamlined, easy to use and of the highest quality. We believe our combined decades of experience coupled with our proprietary technology and our vast vendor network ensures a successful experience each and every time.
Having been in the industry, we understand the amount of time and effort it takes to procure services and manage how and when they are completed. With vendors not showing or showing up late or having to reschedule it can literally be a nightmare trying to get things done. We solve this problem and many others.
Fixley is like having your own personal team to procure vendors and get projects done. If you want an easier option that saves time and tracks all work to ensure quality and accountability Fixley is the superior choice. Think of how much time and energy you will be saving not having to contact and track down multiple vendors to not only establish bid proposals but also in the actual completion of the project. No more worries of accountability or vendors disappearing during the middle of a project, satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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