December 6, 2017


Are there any additional or sign-up fees to use Fixely?

No. There are no extra fees associated with using Fixely.

How does Fixley work?

Fixely is a ticket based system that allows clients to procure work, to be done at a desired property and subsequently our approved and vetted vendors are assigned to complete the corresponding orders.

How are vendors selected?

Our vendors go through an extensive approval process before being assigned any work orders. Items we check and monitor include but are not limited to active insurances, active business licensing, active worker’s compensation policies, back ground history, years of experience, examples of prior completed projects.

How long does it take from the time I submit a request to the time a Fixely agent will respond?

Usually an agent will respond within minutes, to confirm and possibly ask for more information if necessary.

How am I notified of correspondence through the Fixley platform?

You will be notified through email that an agent has responded to a request or has given an update on progress.

How long does it take to get a estimate/proposal back for a project?

We are usually able to get a vendor out to the property within 24 hours and depending on how extensive the work to be done is, it could be same day or possibly the following day.

What will an estimate/proposal look like?

When we send you an estimate/proposal it will look similar to any other estimate/proposal you have received from vendors and service providers in the past. The estimate will show all of the labor and/or applicable materials involved with measurements and any other pertinent information pertaining to the project.

How often do I get updates on the progress of projects?

You will generally receive an update daily and if your require more frequent updates that may be arranged.

How are projects tracked?

We use a proprietary mobile application to send and receive data from our vendors in the field at a moments notice. When we receive that data it gets updated through the Fixely platform where it is easily viewed and monitored by you the client.

How are supporting photos documented and tracked?

We use a proprietary mobile application that lets us receive photos that are date/time stamped and reviewed for quality assurance.

What type of pricing for services can I expect?

You can expect competitive pricing compared to any other vendor or service provider in your area.

How do I pay for services that have been completed?

We invoice our clients the same way any other vendor or service provider would. We currently accept check and debit/credit card payments.

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