December 1, 2017

How It Works

Well it’s quite simple, you can use Fixley to manage, coordinate and procure all of your properties’ maintenance needs.

First, create a free account with Fixley.

Second, when a project arises simply log into your Fixley account and input all of the pertinent information you would like us to know. Such as, property address, tasks you’d like us to perform, priority level, and so on. You can even upload any photos and documents that you think would be helpful. Basically, call on Fixley like you would any other vendor who provides a turnkey or maintenance service or services.

Update: We’ve made it even easier to submit tickets/work-orders to our Fixley platform. Now after you have created your account you can email requests and they will be automatically transformed into a ticket on our platform. So, if you’re on the go or use a system to take tenant issues, it’s super easy to integrate our platform and get work done better and faster than ever before.

Next, we send one of our extensively vetted (checked for quality and all proper licenses and insurances where applicable etc.) and background monitored vendors to the desired property. While there they photo document all that is being completed, from providing an estimate to the actual completion of a project with supporting before, during, and after photos. In regards to estimates and bids NO work is to be done prior to client approval and all pricing is clear and agreed upon.

All correspondence and documentation such as bids, completed work, invoices and photo documentation is sent to you the client and is trackable through our platform. This eliminates confusion and keeps everyone on the same page.

Finally, at the time of completion and if all of the work done meets and/or exceeds our clients expectations, Fixley will invoice for the completed work.

It’s that simple, manage all of your turnkey and maintenance needs through Fixley at no additional cost to you. You’re already using these services why not use Fixley instead of managing several vendors and the hassles that come along with it. We’re here to cater to you and make these processes easier and headache free. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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