November 29, 2017

Track Everything

Our clients can track literally everything from our easy to use platform. We use trackable tickets and documents including photo pdfs with embedded time stamp to ensure speed and accuracy. From our easy to use platform to integrated email and our proprietary reporting applications, Fixley is the superior choice.
What Is Trackable Through Our Platform
  • Time of ticket submission
  • All Conversations between clients and Fixley Client Success Managers
  • Project Progress (each project is monitored regularly for timeliness and quality)
  • Up to date pricing of project (in some instances the scope is not fully known until project has already begun, no work beyond original scope is done without prior approval from client)
  • Changes in scope of project Any and all project bids
  • ¬†All open tickets
  • Who will be performing work
  • Time of project commencement
  • Proposed date of completion
  • Photo and written documentation of progress and completion of project
  • Virtually every detail from start to finish

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